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How To Decide What To Wear For A Special Occasion

By Katie Louise Whitbread 

How To Decide What To Wear For A Special Occasion
Dress Code For A Special Occasion

Deciding what to wear for a special occasion is not always easy. A special occasion calls for something special when it comes to your clothes and accessories but it is sometimes harder than you might imagine to work out what would work best for you and for the circumstances. Here are some things you always have to do when deciding what to wear for your important event:

Look In The Mirror and Take Photos:

You can never expect to be able to have a great sense of style if you do not get to know your own body. You need to know yourself from every angle and need to be able to be completely honest with yourself about all the good points at the bad points. You need to learn to acknowledge and embrace your flaws without letting them in any way diminish your self-confidence. Observe yourself, try things on, gain a sense of what suits you and what does not. If you feel confident in something then you will look great.

Consider the Where, When, Why, How:

Remember that choosing an outfit for a special occasion is not just about you and the clothes you like. An outfit might be perfect on you but it might just not be right for the occasion at which you find yourself. Always be practical and realistic when it comes to where you are going, when you are going there, why you are going there and how it will be when you arrive. Put every potential outfit into context before you commit to any individual look.

Consider Your Own Taste and Personality:

Of course it is all well and good going for the perfect, demure gown that is perfect for an occasion if it simply is not you. If you are not true to yourself fashion wise then you are driving down a dead end. Developing your own unique look is key to developing a good sense of style, so even if it is somewhat off the wall and crazy - always consider your own taste and personality before choosing an outfit that represents you.

Gain Inspiration From A Range of Sources:

If you have considered all the above and yet are still pretty much stumped by the question of what to wear for that special event or occasion then seeking inspiration is a great idea - you just have to know where to look. Try to pick up on what a celebrity you particularly admire is wearing. Are they anything like you? Look at women in films, television and even on the street who resemble you in some way and think about what they have done right, and what they have done wrong. Seeking inspiration in this way will help you learn what works for you.

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